How popular is H-Hour on the Steam mobile app?

This article includes details about the new game called H-Hour, the features of the game and how popular it has gotten since the release of its beta version. H-Hour: World Elite is a strategic shooting game, which is at present being developed by SOF Studios. The multiplayer, team-based game requires its players to work with collaboration and teamwork.

features of the game SThe beta version was released on April 2015 for Microsoft Windows through Steam. While the beta version for PC has been released, the beta for Play Station 4 is scheduled to be released later on H-Hour uses third person view to augment the players experience of the battlefield and teamwork. The game is intended as a mystical successor to the earlier SOCOM series and being a one life game, it encourages players to think and make moves tactically and work as a team to avoid death. One life game means that if a player is killed, they would have to wait in the dead room for the round to finish. The respawn mode can also be played, where the players can warm up and adapt to the third person view before getting into the one life mode of the game. Current Features Currently, the beta version of the game includes the One life game play as well as the respawn mode. There are 6 different characters, 6 official maps and a DLC pack that contains customized maps.

4 Games are available to select from for your character and you can also choose from 4 dance moves to rejoice your kills! The game includes 6 game modes, Demolition, Sabotage, Hostage, Breach, Extraction, Suppression and Elimination. Other features include jumping, climbing ladders, ranking system, spectator mode after getting killed etc. Popularity For those who like their shooters to be strategical, H-Hour is one of the best games out there. It is an HO successor of the earlier SOCOM titles and is intended to deliver the true spiritual successor of the SOCOM series. However, for some people the team-based tactical shooter experience can be difficult to handle. Many people feel like with all the strategic team work, they do not stand a chance in the game.

There is a huge community of mappers offering free customized maps for H-Hour and the game also comes with a DLC pack of customized maps. Servers can be organized for several in-game features like proxy chat, name of players, friendly fire, weapon class restrictions and many more The amazing thing about the game is that players can create User Created Rooms to host their own server for unranked battles. The game is popular because it makes the experience more human-like with other players, it honors the contributions of the military fellows and brings like-minded people in one place to make strategies, implement them and win the game. People do like the maps and the player movement. Some people are not satisfied with a few graphic details in the game and wish that SOF studios would enhance these graphical features. Apart from that, there are a number of positive reviews and comments by people who have tried out the game and are satisfied with the overall experience and the idea of having a team oriented and strategic game to implement their tactics and win battles.