Do you know who SOF Studios are?

David Sears designed SOF MSOF studios deal with creation and production of innovative video games. It styled to a military shooter with a modern way to operate it. SOF studios produce games which are based on real worlds mission. David Sears designed SOF with the consultation of H-Hour community. Most of their players are inspired as they present a successful Kickstarter campaign. H-Hour is one of the project team which is a community-driven, which develops games in EU4 managed by professionals community industry. All mission is based on realistic manners and plausible. They invested their time and money on it


It has official maps-Map will assist you as to fulfill your mission. It is a one life game and respawns play. SOF studios have different modes include demolition, breach, Elimination, Sabotage, Hostage, suppression as well as extraction. Gives you the range up to sixteen (16) players. Has six different characters. It action system allows you to pick up weapons, melee, dance, open and dose the doors and defuse bombs. Gun activation when becoming near the enemy. Allow to pick up equipment dropped. Has ladder climbing option, jump to climb as making a fighting move. Gives access to different options and weapon selection, it depends on the mission given when selecting weapons. Provides indicator when a teammate is dead. Includes MVP awards at the end of the purpose.

Communicate, command and control. It has a text communication-based system, gives detailed objectives and location as map load presents. It has a security management system and Anti-cheat tools and ranking system. Server configuration system is allowing friendly fire, vote to kick, number of rounds, number of players, password protection map rotation and admin function. It gives the user to create room to host by their own and server unranked. Studio development group. It has established an active group of supporters more than ten thousand, as they bring up the game into the early access. As they cooperate with H-Hours, a community-led has long-term game fans such as SOCOM and Delta force. It brings incredible feedback and great ideas for helping them to shape the future platform, gameplay so as they can engage with broader community players as they will share experience and opinions.

Southern pines comprised armed forces and game industry veterans come out They have an early version which will include Multiplayer framework experience, and it will consist of 8-v-8 matches, two games mode, several maps, and armament and weapon selection for the character. The next version will include a full-featured game, and players are encouraged to wait as the game will be officially released in the future. H-Hour as a team undergoing optimization and polish before getting a full PC release. March 31, 2018, the developers establish a port process for PS4.


SOF studios produce different military games with a given task that a character must accomplish. It requires to follow the instruction carefully, read the map and keep the target on point for positive results. Both gaming enthusiasts and company promoters have repeatedly titled SOF studios as the best in the world.