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play online games NHere is a group of people that take on different roles in the gaming industry. Some are programmers while others are artists or designers. We believe we are real-life superheroes who create memorable and fun characters that become the center of many people's lives. And to pay homage to gaming fans, we started a MMORPG website dedicated to excellent gaming.

A talented online game designer: Greg ‘Goosebumps’ Gibson

I am the site writer. My favorite quote is "Create something that will make the world awesome'. And I passionately believe online games make the world awesome. In fact, they make me awesome. I was inspired to go into online game designing because I love playing online games and all my favorite heroes were gaming characters. Online games were and still are my safe space. I use the online name Goosebumps.

An expert game programmer Alice ‘Wonderland’ Shannon

I am the website editor. I love gaming. I am a highly qualified game programmer, mostly because I dedicate a lot of time to mastering my craft. I am always eager to learn new things, I am curious and I experiment. I live by the mantra, 'When you find something that you like doing, stick to it I believe it is a great quote and could be useful for people who do not know what they want and have no specific focus in life. I use the online name Wonderland because mostly my name and my hobby of going down that rabbit hole of extensive programming.

A creative digital game artist: Ray ‘Toothpick’ Banthon

I am the site contributing writer. I believe I was created to create. I have a deep yearning to bring to life and give meaning to all the characters that roam freely in my mind. They torment me because they have stories that need to be told, and so I tell them to the best of my ability through digital games. Digital games are my outlet. My family believes I am unhealthily consumed by them, but what they do not know is that they keep me sane. My online name is Toothpick, don't ask me why.

A young energetic game programmer: Edmund ‘U-N1 k’ Gersch

I am the website's special events reporter. Gaming is no doubt, my first love. Growing up, I was very much of a loner. I spent so much time indoors online on my computer playing games. In fact, through gaming, I made my first friends after attending a gaming event. My favorite quote is, "Being called weird is like being called limited edition. It means you are something people do not see that often". Often, l’ve been called weird. It used to bother me but it doesn't anymore because of this quote. My online name is U-N1k, derived from Unique.

Our goal is to entertain, educate, unite, and inspire gaming fans. We believe that anything that brings people together is a cause for celebration because unity and love contribute to a better world. And that is what we hope to achieve through our blog, hence our dedication to producing high-quality content that is organized, readable, and easy to understand. Let us know if we missed anything likewise- so write to us here:


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